Top 10 animations of 2017 by CreativeConnection

As always, we’ve rounded up some of our top 10 animations of 2017!

We’ve worked on a lot of amazing projects this year and we’re lucky enough to have some incredible and inspiring clients. Along the way we’ve won two awards for our animations – a Charity Film Award and Cinerail award! We are still amazed by how much we learn each time we take on a new project and we are continually challenged and made to push ourselves. We’ve worked with an even broader range of clients this year and broken into some new sectors which has been an exciting experience for us, from veterinary practice, the rail industry, to activism. We’re extremely grateful for the year we’ve had and can’t wait to show you whats to come in the new year!

Here’s our round up of 2017…

The Kings Fund – How does the NHS in England Work?

First up, and one you *might* have already seen, an update on the 2013 Kings Fund Alternative Guide to the NHS in England, this time including all the new acronyms, Simon Stevens ever changing beard and a unicorn! Inspired by Homeland’s Carrie wall of crazy, we feel this pretty much represents the complexity of the NHS right now.

Royal College of Midwives – #EndFGM

Working on this project was one of our proudest moments, not only of 2017 but in CC history. Developing these animations with FGM survivors, activists and health professionals was truly inspiring. We were humbled by the experience and count ourselves as part of the cause now, and long after this project launched. If you haven’t seen these yet, please do share and get this message out there.

Award winning RSSB – Our Story

Yep, thats a lego train racing through this animation! As we said, our clients do like to challenge us, and in this case it was definitely worth it. We went to Lisbon with RSSB in November to accept the Cinerail award for this animation which we had a lot of fun working on.

English PEN – Brave New Voices

A brilliant project to have worked on, we collaborated with English PEN Brave New Voices working with refugees who wrote the poems for each of these animations. I’m sorry to say it again, but another inspiring project working with some incredible young people.

ORBIS – Our Story

Bringing an updated take on the storybook animation, the Orbis Story is brought to life through visual techniques and beautiful artwork. This marked the final animation of a long relationship with Orbis and we think it did everyone proud.

Genomics England – Understanding Cancer Genomes

Our third animation for Genomics England, and hopefully not the last. This clever animation takes on a slightly ethereal style, with lots of movement and life throughout the video. This shows more of a move away from the classic hand drawing animations we usually produce, to something more diverse, utilising other techniques such as stop motion more.

Apples and Snakes – A History of Spoken Word Poetry

The history of the spoken word movement in 2 minutes? We’re your team! This was a really fun one to work on and we love the different voice over, its playful, current and relevant and the artwork tops it all off!

RCVS Knowledge – Quality Improvement

This was a completely new industry for us and of course, we jumped at the opportunity (I mean, a chance to animate animals?!). Featuring the horse and turtle (and a few chickens) keeping check on quality improvement throughout the veterinary sector, ensuring that animals get the best care they can. Its not all about people you know!

University of Nottingham – Resilience based clinical based supervision

Going back to our roots, this more traditional hand drawn animation really encapsulated the feelings of this subject, using the soft but colourful watercolours and focusing on the characters. The animation is used in a report on the Foundation of Nursing Studies website to help quickly explain the main concept and the rich picture and stills are used throughout to visually represent the different areas.

St Mungos – Save Hostels, Rebuild Lives

We were really excited when St Mungos approached us to work with them. As a company, we do everything we can to support charities, and as individuals, we put every effort into producing something that is going to achieve all of its objectives and get the message out there. With everything thats going on in government at the moment, we think this animation is really important and we’re very glad we had the opportunity to work on it.


BONUS – Happy Holidays!

It is the holiday season after all! We hope you enjoy this little piece we put together for fun and wish you all the best for the holiday season and fulfilling 2018! We thank you all for working with us and trying something different, we cannot wait to see what the new year brings and how you can push us to the next level!

If you’ve got a project that you’d like us to help with, we’d love to hear from you! Please email Holly at to discuss your project and how we can help bring your message to life.

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