‘We hold these truths’ and Metavisioning Workshops

The book We hold these truths by CreativeConnection Directors Tim Casswell and Jennifer LaTrobe is a playful and provocative look at the kinds of beliefs we hold that may hinder us from creating the type of life we want and the type of world we want to live in.

We often hold beliefs about ourselves and the world around us as incontestable facts and these beliefs often hold us back, hinder us, and make us unhappy. Sometimes all you need are a bit of prompt to challenge these beliefs and create an opening for a new way of thinking.


One reader says, ‘This little book makes you think. Some pages don’t make sense until you wrestle with them. You can’t be sure you get what they meant you to get, and you get different things on different days. It’s provocative and playful, you can read it quickly or very slowly. It makes you ask the question “What truths do I hold?”’


This book is often used in conjunction with Tim and Jeni’s Metavisioning workshops. The aim of these workshops, a combination of facilitated conversations and Visual Minutes, help individuals, teams and organisations to see and inhabit opportunities that will create the longed-for environment within an organisation or team.

Asking participants to address their dreams and despair, these workshops provide in-depth challenges to their fundamental understandings of what is inevitable and possible. Participants are asked to explore their work as a chance to change the world.

Tim and Jeni listen and make connections to create a mural that captures the thoughts and dreams. This can stimulate wider conversations and creative and generate feedback, encouraging others to share stories, thoughts and ideas.


You can read more about Tim and Jeni’s approach in their workshops by reading Tim’s piece on Transformative Narrative.

To access a preview of We hold these truths and to purchase the book please access this link.

To learn more about our Metavisioning workshops, please get in touch with Giovanna Coppola (Giovanna.coppola@creativeconnection.co.uk). We’d love to hear from you and see how we can co-design a workshop together.