How we would work with you

Firstly we would find out what you want to achieve. Then we would work with you to create ideas and strategies around this. We would then develop an implementation plan and bespoke package incorporating the perfect mix of our services for you and your project.

Animated videos & digital marketing

engage your audience and generate a big response.

Working with you

We will work with you to create a digital and social media solution for your video communication. From our first project meeting with you we work out a plan to achieve maximum exposure. The plan will also outline other steps you can take in terms of media coverage and placement as well as data capture for the conversion and nurturing stages in your campaign. The results come first in all our project outputs insuring you get the highest return on your investment in an animation company. We can also offer video communications in many finishes and in any language so your video marketing message works harder to reach more viewers. Videos work well for the following forms of communication: social media, case studies, invitations, explainers, presentation support, Internal and external digital marketing, viral marketing, corporate training, elearning, data capture and digital PR.

Visual minutes & illustration

capturing your key information for strategic decisions

Working with you

We will work with you to provide you with the best team matched by your industry and Visual Minutes needs. We don’t just draw; we listen, investigate and engage to provide you with a visual output that becomes a key business asset or element of your strategic process. Visual Minutes and illustration services work well for: Capturing conversations and engaging participants at events, conferences, workshops, meetings and as a visual communication tool for all forms of digital and traditional marketing media. Visual Minutes is also very good in enhancing the process of business planning and strategy development. It is also very effective for digital communication and online PR.

Coaching & consultancy

working to make legendary individuals and companies

Working with you

We work with you to find out what type of legend you want to become as an individual and what type of legend you would like your company to become. Using Transformative Narrative we help you to change into what you want to be. Executive Coaching and consultancy works well for: Career Progression, Career management, Self Development, Understanding and managing internal politics, Team building, change management, strategic planning, business planning, organisational cultural shifts,  improving sales and streamlining process. It works well for anything which needs to change.

Team building & away days

working with you to achieve your dreams

Working with you

We regularly run professional development training and executive coaching sessions in London and Bristol. Current sessions available can be seen on our events wall. We run Away Days with a difference so if you would like us to provide some ideas for your next Creative Away Day get in touch we would love to hear from you.