How does the NHS in England Work? An Alternative Guide by The Kings Fund

The Kings Fund – How does the NHS in England work in 2017: An alternative Guide

If your familiar with CreativeConnection, you’re almost definitely familiar with The Kings Fund Alternative Guide to New NHS in England. In fact, it’s probably how you found us! The animation is still, four years on, our most popular, and its the same for The Kings Fund. Its their most viewed digital communication to date and still receives around 2500 views per month. So when The Kings Fund approached us to make an updated version, we were understandably excited (and maybe a little nervous!).

The original was a tough one to follow, but working collaboratively with The Kings Fund team again we’ve managed to explain the NHS in six and a half minutes, including all the new acronyms, Simon Steven’s ever changing beard and the NHS five year forward view.

The Result

The first animation was one of our first, and although we’re still proud of it and we still get asked to replicate the style, we wanted to try something new. After all, a lot has changed since 2013, not just in the NHS but also in CreativeConnection. After a workshop with The Kings Fund team and a lot of discussion on how to simplify this complex topic, we decided to go down the route of a pin board. Not only are these commonly used across the NHS (you’ll see the blue versions covered with NHS leaflets and notices everywhere from GP surgery’s to hospitals), but they are a tool that is often used to process a lot of information at once (think Carries wall of crazy from Homeland). We’re always up for a challenge and trying new things so we gave it a go!

The rich picture is available to download or buy from The Kings Fund website.

The Team

This animation was a truly collaborative effort not only with the Kings Fund but within the CreativeConnection team. The Kings Fund team, Katie, Helen and Ian, wrote the script and Katie did a fantastic job of voicing it, bringing that energy that was so great about the first one. Alex Becker took the lead on the storyboard process with the help of Caroline Rudge and Tom Barter for some of the artwork. The animation was actually filmed in sections and would have covered an entire wall in size when put together! Badj Whipple was the edited genius who put this all together, with the help of Dann Casswell.

Your Thoughts

We’d love to know what you think of the updated version? Does it live up to the original? Does it help you to understand the complex structure of the NHS in England?

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