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We are a coaching, facilitation, scribing, illustration and animation company of facilitators and artists based in the UK and Toronto. We work with many organisations in the health care, housing, education, technology, sustainable energy sector, transport, finance, social services, and government sectors and provide a number of services that involve coaching, live event and studio work.

We believe story is the sole source of creativity, conflict, imagination, change and engagement. Since 1984 CreativeConnection has worked to close the gap between the story (narrative) you tell about what you are doing, with the story you aspire to achieve.

Latest projects

  • 'We hold these truths' and Metavisioning Workshops

    The book 'We hold these truths' by CreativeConnection Directors Tim Casswell and Jennifer LaTrobe is a playful and provocative look at the kinds of beliefs we hold that may…....

  • Digital Mural with Atkins Global at Highways UK Conference 2017

    CreativeConnection created a digital mural for Atkins Global at the Highways UK Conference in Birmingham on 7 - 8 November 2017.....

  • How does the NHS in England Work? An Alternative Guide by The Kings Fund

    We created an updated version of the animation by The Kings Fund as part of their Alternative Guide series on How the NHS in England works in 2017.....

  • What we do

  • Visual Minutes & Design

    Our services are designed to enhance your event, meeting or workshop. A range of options for pre and post event communications include e-invitations, promotional videos, brochures, v-blogging, Rich Pictures, infographics, collateral design and more. During the event, engagement tools include graphic facilitation, digital minutes, presentation enhancement tools and social media interaction.

  • Animation & Film Production

    We offer a range of digital animation and film production services including video shorts for social media mini campaigns, in-depth documentary films, explainer videos, whiteboard animation, product marketing videos and training and education films. We also offer commercial advertising and marketing video production including 2D and 3D animation, character animation and interactive video and more.

  • Transformative Narrative and Metavisioning

    We offer leadership training and workshops as well as one to one coaching using the theories and practices of Transformative Narrative proven to have a significant effect. We help you manage internal communication, business development, company change, brand planning and marketing formulation. For your Away Day needs, we offer innovative and creative activities to ensure team cohesiveness and productivity.

  • Would you like to see the other amazing people and organisations we have worked with?

    • Many thanks for all your tremendous effort and amazing flexibility! I appreciate this was far from straight forward and really admire your ability to solve all of the interesting challenges along the way and to do so with such good humour.

      Stephanie Daniels, AstraZeneca
    • ...we have had much better, deeper dialogue this year than in previous years, a lot of which has validated our thoughts on how to take the technology behind Public Safety to a new level, but here and now, it's the CreativeConnection team who have made the difference to BAPCO 2015.

      David White, Marketing Manager, Capita
    • CreativeConnection bring the perfect balance of facilitation and illustration. Tim & Vicky bring the room to life with their energy and the team's ideas to life with their creativity. A real pleasure to work with and a real delight to surprise your clients with!'

      Jez Groom, Director, Oglivy Change
    • Tim Casswell and team really helped us to explore our own team’s full potential and vision through a facilitated and visualised session. It’s a unique and valuable experience to work with Tim’s insightful ear, eye and drawing hand!

      Tim Allen, Head of Workplace Strategy EMEA, CBRE
    • Think you guys nailed it. Thank you for doing it so quickly. We greatly appreciate it. We launched the animation and it's had universal appreciation and praise. You guys did amazing!!!!

      Adam Schair, Thomson Reuters